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Corporate Strategy Analyst

  • Internship
  • Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA
  • Accounting / Management control

Job description

Job Description

The Corporate Strategy team seeks to appoint a Corporate Strategy Analyst!

Your key responsibilities in the role of Corporate Strategy Analyst will include:

Mergers and Acquisition activities:
·  Facilitating the purchase or consolidation of companies from inception to the final merger
·  Research potential acquisitions
·  Conducting Due diligence:
·  Collating financial information
·  Conducting financial analysis of all data relevant to the potential merger
·  Reviewing all information to obtain detailed understanding of targets
·  Conducting risk assessment & identify key risks of the target company’s current management and operational structure.
·  Developing financial models and update accordingly to determine valuation of target ensuring all require information is obtained.
·  Presenting output/findings on targets for effective decision making.
·  Preparing relevant dossiers and committee papers as required (internal and external).
·  Preparing indicative term sheets for proposed transactions.
·  Communicating directly with management personnel of targets to obtain all required i n formation for analysis.
·  Deal structuring, including negotiation of an equitable agreement, employee contracts, financing and future liabilities.
·  Reviewing commercial aspects of draft transaction agreements.
·  Assisting in facilitating signing of transaction documents.
·  Facilitating the carrying out management’s plan for integration of the target company
Development and implementation of Long Term Plan (LTP), Roadmap & corporate strategies/strategic projects:
·  Interacting with all internal departments/subsidiaries to obtain and assisting on strategic issues for the development of the LTP
·  Liaising with departments to understand how they operate
·  Collecting required information to input into the LTP
·  Analysing assumptions provided
·  Compiling the LTP document (incl AFA document)
·  Amending the LTP document in line with required revisions
·  Conducting research and collating industry, economic, political and other business related information
·  Assisting in developing strategic business objectives/initiatives/optimisation opportunities
·  Assisting the business units in mapping out of the strategic objectives in line with the planned financial performance
·  Preparing/assisting departments/subsidiaries with the analysis of strategic information and financial parameters
·  Ensuring the alignment of pricing/costing model with business/economic model – alignment to industry/market
·  Monitoring Key Business Optimisation Initiatives and align initiatives with the KPI’s of the company
·  Coordinating projects with business and stakeholders where applicable
·  Ensuring assumptions used to develop retail site profitability models are validated and tested against existing sites. Build economic models to facilitate investment decision making. Strategic watch:
·  Collecting and analyse internal and external information for the company as required. (Mancom, Divcoms, Board etc.)
·  Collating the quarterly Business Review required by the MD of TSA
·  Liaising with NBS to obtain required information
·  Liaising with other TSA departments to obtain information
·  Providing other departments, e.g. Finance with required information for reporting
·  Keeping a close look at Industry Developments (Industry forums where applicable, develop a network of contacts to obtain relevant information and identify opportunities, ensure that influencing factors outside the normal scope of operations are considered for strategic purposes
·  Regularly collect and review reports from research houses in order to develop and continually develop and maintain a Market & Competitor Intelligence framework for the business.
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South Africa
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Give your best to better energy and make the commitment with Total. With over 500-plus professions in 130 countries, we offer high safety and environmental standards, strong ethical values, an innovation culture and wide-ranging career development. Be part of the global team whose mission is already shared by 100,000 employees: to make energy better each and every day.
Candidate profile

The following qualifications, skills, attributes and experience will see you succeed in this role:

·  You hold an Economic Science or Business Degree.
·   A Post graduate qualification will be an added advantage
·  You have extensive hands-on Business knowledge and a minimum of 5 years' experience
·  Your Oil & Energy/New Energy industry experience  will be advantageous
·  Local and international economics with a good knowledge of the RSA infrastructure/network
·  Financial/Costing analysis with strong modelling and scenario planning skill
·  Strong business acumen coupled with decision-making and management skill
·  Computer literacy
·  Excellent communication skills

Joint Venture Management, Strategy Economics
Job Title

Corporate Strategy Analyst

Marketing & Services
Region, department, area

South Africa
Functional discipline

Strategy Economics Business
Experience level required

6 - 10 years
Employment type

Regular position
Context and environment

The South African energy market is in a flux of change with amendments and implementation of new acts. The petroleum industry operates within a regulated framework that requires development and alignment of supporting business strategies. The energy industry has to redefine their financial viability in relation to evolving business modelsand commercial environment. The incumbent has to have an excellent understanding of all factors that can influence the strategic direction of the company and ensure these are duly recognized and included in the company’s future planning and business model to ensure financial sustainability and improved shareholders value.