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Offers “Akka Technologies”

days ago Akka Technologies

The AKKAdemy - Graduate Program - Railway Engineer - Germany M/F

  • Internship
  • IT development

Job description



Publication date


Position description



Job title

The AKKAdemy - Graduate Program - Railway Engineer - Germany M/F


Permanent contract

Job description

Do you want to work in an international environment and boost your career in a challenging way? Then The AKKAdemy is made for you! We aim to bring together high-potential engineers from all over Europe and give them the tools to become the next generation of top engineering consultants.

You will be introduced to the world of railway as well as having the opportunity to develop your soft skills and getting to know a valuable network of engineers helping your learning curve to grow faster than ever.

What key benefits can you expect?

· A permanent contract from day one.
· A career path inside AKKA Technologies with highly diversified sectors.
· The opportunity to deal with leaders from the world’s biggest brands.
· Unlimited Access to Online training (Udemy for Business, Rosetta Stone online language courses).
· A competitive salary and compensation package (International Health Insurance and much more).

Roadmap of this Railway-Program

· One-month learning experience in Geneva (Switzerland).
· Introduction to clients Megatrends and customer analysis
· Introduction to signaling, rolling stock, ERTMS, UNISIG, Train borne/ trackside, Scade.
· Full-time working experience in Germany.
· Graduation and next step in the Group.

Main responsibilities

· Validation & verification engineering.
· System engineering.
· Embedded software development (design & designer tests) of railways ASw (Application Software).
· Functional tests in the lab.

Technical skills & competencies

· Ada 95, Delphi or C programming language.
· Experimented in Sw design and programming and ASw design.
· Configuration and Modification management (Clearcase and ClearQuest tools).

The spirit and mission of The AKKAdemy

As part of a digital transformation strategy, AKKA Technologies created The AKKAdemy and its International Graduate Engineering Program. Our program addresses those who have a genuine passion for technologies and provides young talents the opportunity to build a successful career and acquire a lifelong set of consulting skills.

One word about AKKA Technologies

With more than 21,000 skilled engineers and a solid presence in Europe, Asia and America, AKKA Technologies is one of the leaders among European consulting engineering companies, accelerating innovation for the largest industrial groups.

Business Industry



· EU citizenship.
· Master’s degree in engineering or IT related topics.
· Driving License
· Proficient in English. B2 German.
· Railway experience is a big plus.

Position localisation

Job location

Europe, Germany



Candidate criteria

Level of experience

Recently Graduated


· English (3 : Advanced)
· German (2 : Intermediate)