Valerio Settimio Ducci

Data scientist

25 ans • Rome


I worked as a technology consultant in an important Digital Transformation program in the public sector. Out of an international and multifaceted academic education, I have a deep interest in technology, especially in the field of data science and analytics, and other passions like the study of languages and psychology.


Data ScienceBusiness Process ManagementMachine Learning


Internship in technology advisory

Développement informatiqueResponsibility: Technology advisory: support to IT Governance/Strategy activities as the Technology Architecture analysis (as-is) and definition (to-be), the production of related documentation and presentation support material. Activities:: Technology architecture analysis  As-is IT architecture analysis  GUI image collection for building a user manual  To-be technology stack definition Requirements analysis  Participated in workshops with the client and solution providers  Clarified the architecture design with the business analysts  Clarified the technological requirements with the client Documentation production  Product slides for explaining concepts and ideas to guide the client and solution providers throughout the project  Wrote and corrected part of the project documentation related to the information system architecture Results: Professionally dealt with the client and other providers regarding technology choices and other matters related to the project. Successfully produced the documents needed for enhancing the manual of the system GUI Taken useful notes to the colleagues in the organized workshops and meetings


Ku Leuven

2015 - 2016 Master universitario di primo livello Leuven (Flemish Brabant)Développement informatique, Études / Statistiques / Data

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