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50 anni - San Giorgio a Cremano (Italy)

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Given my related experience in packaging area developed in more than 10 years in major IC semiconductor companies, I would be interested to your company.
My Qualifications:
Master in Electronic Engineering and deep understanding of package design choices on device functionality and relevant assembly cost to ensure low cost approach.
Wide experience in package design timeline to be reached within the project plans.
Daily usage of Cadence SiP/Allegro Package for substrates layout and years of design know-how build, as well as, AutoCAD to create documentations.
  • Settembre 1992 a Settembre 2000
  • universitè Federico ||

    • Management / Gestione Progetti
    • Design
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Hello, Given My Related Experience In Packaging Area Developed In More Than 10 Years In Major IC Semiconductor Companies, I Would Be Interested To Your Company. I'd Would Like To Add Some Note Over My Resume: I Worked To Get Assembly Yields When I Was In STMicroelectronics Malta (Back-end Site) Assembly And Testing Plant From 2003 To 2007 After More Than One Year Of Training In STMicroelectronics Grenoble (Front-end Site) In France. I Followed The Products That Were On The Production Lines, And Other On The Pilot Line, In Particular They Were Set-top Box Products (chipset For Decoder). I Was Involved For The Wire Bonding Issues (short Between Wires During Molding Fill) And Crack Die Issue During The Bonding And Then Updating The Assembly Design Rule. At The Same Time In Malta, I Worked As BGA Substrate Designer And Updating The Substrates Design Rules. My Qualifications: Master In Electronic Engineering And Deep Understanding Of Package Design Choices On Device Functionality And Relevant Assembly Cost To Ensure Low Cost Approach. Wide Experience In Package Design Timeline To Be Reached Within The Project Plans. Daily Usage Of Cadence SiP/Allegro Package For Substrates Layout And Years Of Design Know-how Build, As Well As, AutoCAD To Create Documentations. Thanks. Sincerely, Paolo Spetrino

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  • #management
  • #Gestione Progetti
  • #Design
  • #Elettronica
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