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Camille Desnault

PhD in Physics

32 years • Paris


I started my studies with a Bachelor's degree in Physics and Chemistry. My strongest interest being in Physics, I specialized in a Master's degree focalized on low-energy nuclear physics. At the end of my Master's degree, I decided to extend my knowledge by performing a four-months internship at Jefferson Laboratory in Virginia. I worked on the experimental study of a new out-of-the-Standard-Model approach to describe astrophysical observations. Seduced by experimental hadronic physics, I pursued my studies in this domain with a PhD. I worked on the cross-section measurement of Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering (DVCS) off the neutron. I accomplished data analysis of the 2010 DVCS experiment. For this work, I was located during the two last years of my PhD on the Jefferson Laboratory site. My experience during these last 8 years gave me skills in a wide domain of experimental physics from computing data-analysis methods to hardware abilities.


data analysis Hardware Programming c# latex


Master's Internship

03-2012 - 06-2012 Chemistry / Biology / Agronomy Test of the calorimeter electronics for the Heavy Photon Search experiment in Hall B at Jefferson Laboratory (VA, USA).

Master's Internship

04-2011 - 07-2011 Chemistry / Biology / Agronomy Development of a new generation of detectors for future use with Ultra-Cold Neutrons.

Education & training

Université Paris Sud

2012 - 2015 Paris, France Chemistry / Biology / Agronomy

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