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Human Resources

40 years • Tunis


Specialized In the field of Human Resources Management and Strategy, Providing assistance in analyzing and resolving complex issues, social data analysis, insurance, recruitments and trainings. I can really excel in my work, I have the theoretical, technical, and practical knowledge and skills that would guarantee my success in these fields.I work smoothly as an individual , as a member in a team or as as a Lead, and I am a perfectionist in my work. In addition,I have excellent communication skills, inter-personal relationships, and analytical skills


Lead HR

09-2016 - NowMy role as the Lead HR Compensation & Benefits and Systems in OMV Tunisia entails the leading & the management of the C&B team inorder to: - Compensation & Benefits: 1.Carry out the compensation and benefits analysis and workforce planning, develop, analyze and update salary structures, merit and bonus programs. 2. Manage proper administration of the compensation and benefits system and provide support in order to be in line with OMV group compensation and benefits strategy. 3. Prepares the compensation and benefits budget, including the regular monitoring, reporting and adjusting of the budget. 4. Responsible for outgoing expatriate Payroll, salaries adjustment calculations, and bonus. 5. Analyze Compensation & Benefits Market Survey made by the Company’s survey provider (HAY group) and implement then the salary increases based on approved budget and given framework after approval by the General Management. 6. Initiate and implement all actions needed for establishing a data base and proceed to all needed surveys to keep the General Management informed on the local employment Market and legal status by proceeding to all needed surveys and advise. 7. Monitor and implement all salary related items as : salary increase process, internal promotions, new recruits salary proposal. 8. Design, evaluate and modify benefits policies to ensure that programs are current, competitive and in compliance with legal requirements. 9. Ensure all employees compensation and benefit scheme to be applied properly. 10.Analyze statistical data and reports to identify and determine causes of personnel problems and develop recommendations for improvement of organization's personnel policies and practices. - Systems & Procedures : 1. Manage administration of HR Systems (SAP-Performance & Development Systems) and plans methods and procedures to ensure a good administration of employees, programs and plans and recommend ways to improve their application. 2. Ensure proper grading system, job evaluation system, job description policy, promotion policy, aligned with the corporate compensation & benefits policy. 3. Secure accurate and up-to-date SAP HR database. 4. Manage Performance and Development system process and bonus calculation and ensure that all the employees have access to their right PDS plans and necessary communication for branch employees is provided. 5. Keep proper data base on Job descriptions and insure an accurate positions grading from Job Evaluation team evaluated and keep managers informed of grading system of their team and report to compensation and benefits team all discrepancy resulting from management claim or change in the position tasks requiring a grading review. - HR Administration & Labor Law: 1.Interpreting and advising on employment legislation. 2.Listening to grievances and implementing disciplinary procedures. 3. Ensure accurate annual social security and tax calculation reports of all employees for the Quarterly declaration to the Social Security Fund (CNSS). 4. Manage employee’s medical insurance administration , held monthly meeting with the Company Insurance broker in order to identify the gaps and ensure the accuracy of the reimbursement system . - Recruitment & Selection: 1.Coordinate with department managers to forecast future hiring needs. 2. Establish the branch office job mapping. 3. Work closely with recruiters to manage sourcing, interviewing and employment processes. 4. Stay up-to-date on labor legislation and inform recruiters and managers about changes in regulations. 5. Build the company’s professional network through relationships with HR professionals, colleges and other partners. 5. Prepare Job & salaries offers to the hired persons. 6. Check & approve the Employment contract. - On-boarding & Off-boarding: 1.Conduct the on-boarding process. 2. Maintain Exit process "Exit interviews, final clearance". - HSSE: 1.Be responsible for health, safety, security and protection of the environment at the workplace, participate in HSSE trainings according to competency maps, and contribute to integrate HSSE into the company culture. - Management : 1.Ensure the Backup of the HR Manager in the union and the Advisory committee meetings, inform Management on discussed topics, present recommendations to different issues and prepare decision making process . 2. HR Manager Deputy.

Human Resources Training & Development Expert

10-2011 - 08-2016 Chemistry / Biology / AgronomyMy role as the Human Resources Training & Development Expert in OMV Tunisia entails the following main functions: 1.Promote training & development function as a critical area contributing to future business success, define and implement adequate Training and Development program to meet current and future business needs. Keep informed on matters involving Governmental Legislation in HR field and insures that Management is fully aware of required regulations and establish policies and procedures pertaining to the assigned areas. 2.Conduct a thorough training & development needs (including operations training) analysis for the entire organization based on strategic direction & line management input via PDS to drive business integration & development:( PDS Champion). 3.Develop and maintain oversight of the training needs for the business, establish annual plan and budget based on identified needs and oversee actual training execution against budget. 4.Ensure the approved training and development programs incl. Competence Academy and skill pool management development programs are implemented as planned and within budget. 5.Where appropriate deliver in-house training directly or via a team member. 6.Maintain an overview of succession planning for all Expat positions and other key positions. 7.Identify internal training & development opportunities and providers within OMV & and survey the market for adequate external sources and make respective arrangements. 8.Supervise & Control overall trainings delivery and measure trainings implementation progress from participants, trainers, materials, logistics and budget perspective. 6 9.Work closely with line management to advice on optimal training & development options for employees. 10.Ensure line management nomination of employees to corporate development programs & Support managing the talent pool of Tunisia . 11.Monitor performance using defined KPIs and drive improvement process in the area. 12.Explore technology solutions to adequately support training & development processes and document training and development activities. 13.Actively and visibly promote the HSSE policies and the associated Management System to promote operational excellence. This can be achieved through demonstrating exemplary attitudes, engaging in open discussions and reinforcement of operational discipline. 14.Undertake Management walk around as per the annual program 15.Update the HR system (Implementation Of HR Policy - Training Policy – Onboarding system & Internship Policy). 16.Implementation and Updating the Compensation and Benefits Policy for field employees. 17.Compnay Representative within the National Administration: ( CNAM,CNSS,ATCT, BNEC, INSPECTION OF WORK and UGTT).

Human Resources Team Leader

01-2007 - 09-2011 Chemistry / Biology / AgronomyPlan, develop and implement strategy for HR management and development, including recruitment and selection policy/practices, discipline, grievance, counseling, payroll and conditions, contracts, training and development, succession planning, morale and motivation, culture and attitudinal development, performance appraisals and quality management issues. Recruitment & selection: 1. Develop recruitment plans and job postings. 2. Conduct searches for all positions and vacancies. 3. Handle all recruitment process. 4. Conduct interviews and any other related verbal, numeric and accounting assessment tests. 5. Report on recruitment activities in the office. 6. Be fully conversant with the company's recruitment procedures and ensure it is accurately implemented. 7. Maintains the communication channels with recruitment agents and head hunters Induction: 1. Ensure new employees are oriented to the company, their department and their jobs. 2. Ensure all new staff is evaluated before the end of their probation period before final confirmation of the position. Exit Process: 1. Maintain Exit process "Exit interviews, final clearance". 2- Check that the departure procedure resignation is in accordance with the labor law ( handover Period) Performance Appraisal: Assists with performance evaluation by providing guidance and overall consistency to the process, track all employee performance evaluations. Training & Development: 1. Assists in identifying staff for training and suitable training programs. 2. Participate actively in developing lists of training needs as a result of performance evaluation. 3. Coordinates with the training institutes. 4- Ensure the Training Evaluation ( Short Term and Long Term) Compensation & Benefits: 1. Designing, overseeing and implementing a compensation and benefits programs. 2. Ensure the compensation and benefits policy is updated and accurately implemented. 3. Responsible for collecting market data on the gross and net remuneration packages which are offered for employees across the industry : Market Survey (HAY METHODE) 4. Make sure that compensation and benefits packages comply with statutory and regulatory requirements, such as minimum salaries and tax liabilities 5. Ensure Company's salary grid is updated and accurately implemented. 6. Generate & supervise : payroll, leaves and indemnity calculation. 7. Conduct social negociation with Union & CCE. 8. Make recommendations on retirement and insurance plans. 9. Providing feedback on related HR functions and processes. 10. Responsible for accurate data collection and analysis, as well as maintaining accurate employee records. 11.Implementation and Updating the Compensation and Benefits Policy for field employees. 12.Compnay Representative within the National Administration: ( CNAM,CNSS,ATCT, BNEC, INSPECTION OF WORK and General Union). HR Administration & Labor Law: 1.Interpreting and advising on employment legislation. 2.Listening to grievances and implementing disciplinary procedures.

Human Resources Officer

08-2005 - 12-2006 LogisticsMy role as a Human Resources officer at MST GERMANETTI involves many tasks: 8  Handling all employee relations cases & issues.  Liaise with employees & Departments Heads regarding:  Employees’ Leaves.  Employee’s Promotion.  Employee’s Salary Increment.  Employee’s Performance Evaluation  Implement Company’s policy & guidelines.  The training planning.  Update HR system.

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2018 - 2020 Tunis, الحبيب ثامرLegal, HR / Training

Institut National De Travail Et Etudes Social Intes

2000 - 2005 Tunis, Médina de TunisHR / Training

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