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Graphic Designer & Illustrator

  • Personal services

Job description


All parents are superheroes.
All superheroes need sidekicks.

We help parents unlock their powers and create a better environment for their children’s development and well-being.

With SAMA provides online parental assistance through content, solutions and tools.

Job Description

You will be essential in making With SAMA a key online gateway for parents.

Your responsibilities include:

·  Designing a friendly, well-crafted user-experience and interface for our application. The application will be based on our brand identity, your experience, and our pilot learnings.
·  Powering our social presence and engagement: through illustrations, graphics and animation.
·  Helping bring Sama come to life. As she's the backbone of our company, her poses and interactions are key.

Preferred Experience


·  You care about the business and social implications of anything you design - you understand the balance between craft, speed, and impact.
·  You can work your way around the full Adobe Suite (including Adobe Experience Manager). 
·  You are a team player and would do whatever it takes to help your team succeed.


·  You actively look into your content's performance and optimize accordingly. 
·  You are comfortable engaging with customers and clients. 
·  You enjoy copy-writing and story-telling. 

Additional Information

·  Contract Type: Full-Time
·  Start Date: 12 October 2020
·  Location: London, United Kingdom ()
·  Experience: > 2 years
·  Possible full remote