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高级工程师, OCR方向

  • Studies / Statistics / Data

Job description

Job responsibilities

- Responsible for the design and development of AI background service, system framework, system performance optimization and related functional module code development
- Responsible for the research and development of model algorithm in CV

Job requirements
- Has experience in OCR for recognizing tables in Scanning PDF or image
- Familiar with the framework of in-depth learning, such as Caffe, Torch, TensorFlow, etc., which has the theoretical basis of neural network algorithm
- Familiar with common CV frameworks, such as resNet, denseNet, etc
- Have a thorough understanding of object detection, object recognition and other common object detection frameworks such as yolo, fasterRcnn
- To fully understand the complete process of machine learning applied to practical problems, relevant practical project experience is preferred
- Strict and serious work, strong communication skills, good coordination and organizational skills, reasonable time management, able to withstand high-intensity work pressure
- Master common tool languages such as Python and shell
- Knowledge of machine learning and data mining is preferred


- 负责人工智能后台服务系统框架的设计与开发、系统性能优化及相关功能模块代码开发
- 负责CV领域的模型算法调研、论文复现、开发


- 有通过OCR识别编辑版PDF或者图片中表格信息的经验
- 熟悉深度学习的框架,例如 Caffe, Torch, TensorFlow 等,具备神经网络的算法理论基础
- 熟悉CV常用框架,如resNet、denseNet等
- 对目标检测、目标识别等有深入的了解,了解常用的目标检测框架如yolo、fasterRcnn
- 全面了解机器学习应用于实际问题的完整流程,有相关实际项目经验者优先
- 对待工作严谨认真,沟通能力较强;具备良好的协调和组织能力,能够合理地进行时间管理,能够承受高强度工作压力
- 掌握python、shell等常用工具语言
- 对机器学习、数据挖掘等有所了解者更优先

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