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Job description

Description of the subject:
The fuel and CO2 emission in the transport industry is an aim for everybody. E-DRIVE is a way to replace internal combustion engine in order to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emission.
IFPEN is developing electric motor in many different projects. The thermal behavior is an issue, especially for the last generation of electric motor where the specific power has been drastically improved.
At IFPEN, a dedicated thermal methodology has been developed for some years. It is a 3D methodology which has a good performance in term of set-up and solving time. But, to achieve this level of time performance some hypothesis and simplifications are needed. Recently, software developers have released some new methodologies which may improve the compromise between time and precision.
It is in that context that the internship takes place.
The main steps of the internship are described below :
Learning of IFPEN current methodologyDefinition of a reference case with the current methodology (3D FEM)Definition of the new methodology (3D CFD) and validation on the reference caseSimulation of some other operating points with taking into account some calibrating element Remark: According to the progress, some electromagnetic and thermal coupling methodology might be developed too.
Last year of engineering school or Master.
Thermal and fluid knowledge is requiredElectric motor knowledge is welcomeInterest for numerical simulation