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Software Development Engineer

  • Seattle (King)

Job description


About our team - Mobile Growth

Mobile Shopping app is ranked in the top 10 for overall engagement and penetration worldwide in marketplaces including US, UK, India and Japan. The number of app users (iOS and android) are in millions and the revenue that app generates is in billions. Although feature building in the app is decentralized to feature owners all around the company, Mobile Growth owns improving the overall customer experience which includes common elements of the app, app metrics, deferred deeplinking and building end to end experiences in the app to drive engagement. Our team's vision is to make the Amazon app experience the primary and preferred way for customers to engage with Amazon.

We have three focus areas

1. Mobile App Engagement - Involves designing and developing customer touch points (Context cards, Welcome experience) on IOS and Android apps to drive personalized mobile app engagement actions (front end and backend) for smartwatch and mobile.
2. Automated Customer Lifecycle Management – Is a new initiative to develop and iterate a machine learning model based on customer behavior through x engagement states.

3. Mobile App Attribution System - supports on-site marketing and paid app marketing by automating effective incentive programs on-site, creating customer flows for events (prime day and holiday) and optimizing paid app campaigns and building attribution systems.

Mobile Growth is a team of 25 people, which includes 1 director, 2 engineering managers, 14 software engineers, 2 product managers, 3 marketing managers and 3 data engineers. We are a cross functional team for a reason – we like to move FAST.

The senior engineer in this role
· Is expected to bring in strong software development knowledge and best practices
· Is able to solve significantly complex or endemic problems. Architectures are exemplary in terms of robustness, stability, scalability, cost-effectiveness.
· Mentors and participates in the development of other engineers. Advises managers and directors.
· Understands organization architecture. Influences priorities/trade-offs. Applies knowledge to invent, evolve, improve, simplify, etc.
· Will become a key influencer in a 180+ org in providing technical leadership for growing the mobile shopping app on IOS and Android world-wide. Growth here means higher app penetration, engagement and monetization.

Ideal candidate profile


· 6+ years professional experience in software development
· Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science with advanced degrees preferred.
· Experience in building and driving adoption of new tools
· A deep understanding of software development life cycle and a good track record of shipping software on time
· Have had impact and influence across multiple teams